Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm continuing to work on this set of characters. I took a little break from the design stage to just practice some painting. I decided she felt too lifeless so i started painting a face for her.

I like part of it. I hate part of it. More to come.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Progress on some character stuff

Well i've been gone for some time and have neglected to paint at all. Naughty, naughty.

So i started designed some characters for the same concept as my previous post, I'll update the progress here.

Midnight update:
Did some more work. here is where it is at. She is from a different culture as our hero, so the color pallette needs to be different; however she needs to look cohesive with the group so I am working with a more tanned skin tone. The orange hue should tie in to the orange clothing of the group while clearly displaying that she has separate origins.

The color of the garments... NO IDEA yet. probably cool colors. Well see.

Alright last update for the night. I' didnt do much more but thought id show where the lineup is right now.